More Camera Accessories

Be prepared for the unexpected, with a range of accessories that includes a camera float, a range of lens covers, multiple memory cards and more.

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Canon ERC-E5M Camera Rain Cover, Medium

  • Protect your EOS camera from the rain
  • Medium size
  • Easy to secure
NOK 1,440.00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon RS-60E3 Remote Switch

  • Remote shutter release switch
  • Compatible with EOS and PowerShot cameras
  • Reduce camera-shake
NOK 410.00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control

  • Shoot wirelessly over distances up to 5 m
  • Choose instant shutter release or 2-second delay
  • Great for self-portraits, group shots, night scenes and long exposures
NOK 470.00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon R-F-3 Camera Body Cover Cap

  • For use with compatible EOS cameras
  • Protect your camera’s image sensor
  • Easy to secure and remove
NOK 110.00

Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch

  • Remote shooting for compatible cameras
  • N3-type socket
  • Cable is 80 cm
NOK 720.00

Eligible for free delivery

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Be ready to make the most of every shooting scenario with bags, batteries and chargers, waterproof cases, power adapters, speedlight flashes, camera floats, SD cards and much more.