APS-C Cameras

An APS-C camera might be smaller but packs just as much punch. They are very portable and excellent if you need additional reach for sports and wildlife thanks to the APS-C crop factor.

At Canon, we have APS-C (crop sensor cameras) that excel at sports, street and wildlife photography, as their lightweight design and cropped view gets you closer to the action. Discover Canon APS-C mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

For a high quality easy to use camera, view EOS R100. Perfect for capturing those precious moments, make the step up from smartphone and benefit from intuitive controls, instant autofocus and connectivity features for sharing with friends and family.

Popular models include the EOS M6 Mark II and 90D.

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The cropped sensor on an APS-C camera offers a narrower subject view which leads to a longer apparent focal length. This makes it excel at sports and wildlife, as you can get closer to the action when physical restraints get in the way.

This enhanced focus of your subject, which is great for shooting subjects that are far away. For a wide angled view, you are best suited to a full-frame camera.

APS-C cameras tend to be more affordable because of their smaller sensor, making them a great choice for beginners and hobbyists, while also offering the creativity needed for aspiring professionals too.

View the EOS R7 & EOS R10, our new high speed, high resolution R-System APS-C cameras. EOS R7 is great for hybrid shooters in wildlife and sports with EOS R10 the perfect all-rounder suited for travel photography. Both options are ideal for those looking to upgrade from DSLR APS-C cameras or those looking to switch to Mirrorless.

Explore the EOS R50, our entry-level APS-C camera for creating one step further content. Benefit from a mirrorless camera that balances performance and quality in a compact body.