Cameras for beginners

A Canon camera for beginners is a step up from a smartphone, offering enough creative capabilities for any newcomer to test and hone their skills. From simple point and shoot compacts to entry-level, multi-function DSLR’s, we have something for everyone.

Discover our wide range of photography cameras for beginners, including beginner DSLR cameras, and beginner mirrorless cameras.

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We offer a wide range of cameras for beginners. It’s important to take time to consider your options. Our point and shoot cameras are small, cost-effective and great for anyone who doesn’t want to fuss over their set-up, but they lack the features and functionality of a mirrorless or DSLR digital camera for beginners.

Bridge cameras are at the higher end of the point and shoot scale, but still lack the innovative features of an entry-level mirrorless option. Ultimately, you need to balance cost and functionality with the features you want to use.

Whatever you decide, our large range of cameras for beginners leaves something for everyone.