L-series Lenses

Canon L-Series Lenses are Canon’s flagship lens range. L-Series lenses deliver professional results, with industry-leading optical technology ensuring that every single image you produce will be better.

Identified by the distinctive red stripe around the lens, L-Series lenses give professionals confidence by taking the right image every single time.

Capture stunning portraits with our new fast full-frame telephoto L-series prime lens in the RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM Lens. Pair up this lens with your R-System camera and get exceptional image quality, resoultion and colour reproduction.

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Canon L-Series lenses are trusted by professionals. The reason is simple. We guarantee unrivalled quality whatever the conditions, in part, thanks to forward-thinking people who produce industry leading optical technology that simply makes your image better.

Representing Canon's drive to achieve the best, L-Series lenses promise less distortion, less chromatic aberration and less vignetting, leading to clearer and crisper imagery.

Photos taken handheld will be notably sharper, while every single image you produce will have the hallmark of a professional photography.

Our latest RF Super Telephoto L-Series lenses in Canon RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM Lens and Canon RF 1200mm F8L IS USM Lens are ideal for professional wildlife photographers and videographers looking to expand their shooting possibilities.